Target market for the kindle e reader

By: Nicholas Kolakowski April 22, Amazon. Amazon's release of an SDK software development kit for the Kindle, and the acquisition of a company that specializes in touch-screen technology, also demonstrate that the company is looking to hold and grow its share of the increasingly mainstream e-reader market. Amazon's decision to distribute the Kindle outside of its Website also suggests that the market for e-readers is continuing to evolve into the mainstream, months after the devices became one of the "must-have" items of the holiday shopping season. Perhaps in response to that growing market, a number of smaller companies debuted e-readers at January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Target market for the kindle e reader

Sheep comes to mind.

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To say that Amazon is out of touch with reality and its customers is an understatement, they completely ignore us. Also, forcing a leather cover which only adds to the weight of the supposed lightest and thinnest Kindle ever is practically pointless.

I highly doubt Amazon would be doing this if they had even slight competition. Oh where art thou Kobo new eReader? I preordered mine today. The longer battery life is cool, but not that important to me since I plug mine in overnight a few times a week anyway. This beats the heck out of lugging boxes to school to satisfy my book a week habit each term.

I also like the increased number of LEDs for more even light distribution, and the increased battery life. Audio support? Faster processor? For what?

Target market for the kindle e reader

Maybe a barely discernable faster page turn? Not necessary. Web browsing? I am currently using a first generation Simple Touch and I am looking to upgrade. I already have the money set aside for a new reader. Will I purchase the Oasis?

The increased lighting coverage would be nice for my half a century old eyes. However, I do think that I am going to wait to see what Kobo has coming out before I make my decision.

There have been virtually no real new features recently. The Paperwhite added a light. The Kindle Touch added a touch screen. The Voyage re-introduced page turn buttons. Slightly better battery, slightly better screen, slightly lighter, slightly smaller.

It is a different form factor and I guess the accelerometer is a new feature. But not one that anyone was really asking for. Waterproofing, bluetooth connection to connect to alexia for text to speech, something that is an actual new feature might have been reason to upgrade.

If I wanted the web, music, e-mail, Bluetooth, larger screen, etc. The screen size is right for me, I need my reader to be pocketable and convenient after all. I like the idea of the longer battery life, I also like the idea of the solar powered case.

Conrad It just baffles me. The whole thing is just so ridiculous. While I have no problem with the new shape, the price tag is insane. And they got rid of the adaptive front light. What a stupid move. The flimsy micro USB connector was always the week spot of my Paperwhite.

I held of buying a Voyage because I read in this blog last summer that new Kindle would be released in fall.Blind and Visually Impaired. Blind and visually impaired customers can use popular screen readers including VoiceView on Kindle devices and Fire tablets, VoiceOver on iOS, TalkBack on Android, and NVDA and JAWS on Windows to enjoy over 9 million screen reader supported titles in the Kindle Store.

Kindle. Price: $ Features: The introductory-level Kindle has all of the basic essentials an e-reader should offer, while boasting the most affordable price tag in the line.

Designed to be. Oct 24,  · Kindle Oasis E-reader - Graphite, 7" High-Resolution Display ( ppi), Waterproof, Built-In Audible, 8 GB, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers out of 5 stars 3, $ $ / Who is the target demographic for the Kindle Oasis? April 13, By Michael Kozlowski 41 Comments The Amazon Kindle Oasis was formally announced today and it features a six inch screen with.

Sep 28,  · Amazon wasn't the first to introduce an e-reader, but when it debuted its e-ink Kindle in , it became the market leader. That first Kindle, with fewer features, retailed for $; Kindles this Christmas season will cost less than a fourth of that. Touchscreen display that reads like real paper - no screen glare, even in bright sunlight Exclusive Kindle features - Kindle for Kids, Vocabulary Builder, X-Ray, Word Wise and moreReviews: kindle at target