School lunch

How do we apply to participate? What is the National School Lunch Program? The National School Lunch Program is a federally funded program that assists schools and other agencies in providing nutritious lunches to children at reasonable prices. In addition to financial assistance, the program provides donated commodity foods to help reduce lunch program costs.

School lunch

Click here for my weekly posts on delicious French school lunch menus. What can we learn from the French approach? The French eat their fair share of junk and fast food as any visit to a big French supermarket will tell you. The French have decided the teaching healthy eating routines to children is a priority, and they teach children about healthy food in the classroom AND the lunchroom.

Three-course or even four-course freshly-prepared hot School lunch are provided to over 6 million French children in the public school system every day.

Why do the French put this much effort into healthy lunches? Because it makes sense—socially, economically, and nutritionally. Our responsibility is to provide children with healthy, balanced meals; to develop their sense of taste; to help children, complementing what they learn at home, to make good food choices without being influenced by trends, media, and marketing; and to teach them the relationship between eating habits and health.

There are great school lunch programs here at home, and the French system is not perfect as I explore below. Nonetheless, reading the French school lunch menus is an eye-opener about what kids can eat.

Perhaps most astonishing of all: No flavoured milk the kids drink water. Ketchup only once per week and only with dishes with which ketchup is traditionally served, like steak. There is little any fried food which can only be served a few times per month, according to Ministry of Education regulations.

I hope the menus will provide you with plenty of food for thought. And for more food for thought, see this fun news video —in English—on French school meals. Or, for a general overview of how school lunches in France are organized and some criticisms of the current systemkeep reading on this page.

How is the lunch structured, and how long does it take? Starting when children enter school at age 3, school lunch consists of four courses: Well, the French often do this at home for their first course; but they also know that hungry kids are more likely to eat the veggies if they are served first.

Fresh baguette, eaten plain, is also served. The kids drink water there are no other drinks of any kind available at lunch, and there is a national ban on vending machines and junk food in all French schools.Select Your School District.

Please select the school district that your child or children are enrolled in. This must be the school district in which you will be applying for benefits for your children.

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School Lunches. Browse these school lunch ideas with your child and print your favorites for an easy lunch meal plan this week!

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School lunch
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