Is space exploration worth the cost online essay by joan vernikos

Why do we need to go to Mars? How many pictures of galaxies do we need?

Is space exploration worth the cost online essay by joan vernikos

Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost? A Freakonomics Quorum January 11, Pretend that instead of being responsible for your household budget, which means paying for rent or a mortgage, transportation, some schooling costs, groceries, healthcare, vacation, etc.

In other words, pretend you are responsible for the U.

is space exploration worth the cost online essay by joan vernikos

And now ask yourself how much of that money you want to spend on manned space travel, and why. We gathered up a group of space authorities — G. Connell, Keith Cowing, and David M.

Livingston, and John M. Logsdon — and asked them the following: Is manned space exploration worth the cost?

Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost? A Freakonomics Quorum - Freakonomics Freakonomics

Why or why not? Their responses are below. As I suggested above, take your time. For the impatient among you, here are a few highlights: Logsdon on a not-so-obvious incentive for manned space travel: Treasury, not back to NASA. The debate about the relative merits of exploring space with humans and robots is as old as the space program itself.

Werner Von Braun, a moving force behind the Apollo Program that sent humans to the moon and the architect of the mighty Saturn V rocket, believed passionately in the value of human exploration — especially when it meant beating the hated Soviet Empire.

James Van Allen, discoverer of the magnetic fields that bear his name, was equally ardent and vocal about the value of robotic exploration. There are five arguments that are advanced in any discussion about the utility of space exploration and the roles of humans and robots.

Those arguments, in roughly ascending order of advocate support, are the following: Space exploration will eventually allow us to establish a human civilization on another world e. We explore space and create important new technologies to advance our economy. It is true that, for every dollar we spend on the space program, the U.

Space exploration can also serve as a stimulus for children to enter the fields of science and engineering.

It is not beneficial to the public.

Space exploration in an international context offers a peaceful cooperative venue that is a valuable alternative to nation state hostilities. International cooperation is also a way to reduce costs.

National prestige requires that the U. History tells us that great civilizations dare not abandon exploration. Exploration of space will provide humanity with an answer to the most fundamental questions: Are there other forms of life beside those on Earth?

It is these last two arguments that are the most compelling to me. It is challenging to make the case that humans are necessary to the type of scientific exploration that may bring evidence of life on another world. There are strong arguments on both sides. Personally, I think humans will be better at unstructured environment exploration than any existing robot for a very long time.

There are those who say that exploration with humans is simply too expensive for the return we receive. However, I cannot imagine any U. President announcing that we are abandoning space exploration with humans and leaving it to the Chinese, Russians, Indians, Japanese or any other group.

I can imagine the U. Humans will be exploring space.Space exploration has been beneficial for our society today in many different ways. The notion that space exploration is worth the cost is validated through the technological development, national pride, and possibility that it could save mankind from global catastrophes/5(1).

Why Space Exploration Is Worth the Cost More Login. - Joan Vernikos, a member of the Space Studies Board of the National Academy and former director of NASA's Life Sciences Division I could give a large number of well founded and well researched reasons why I think space exploration is worth the money, and my c.

Jan 21,  · Is space exploration worth the cost? by David Livingston Monday, January 21, Editor’s Note: On January 11, the New York Times blog “Freakonomics” published a lengthy post titled “Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?A Freakonomics Quorum”.The post featured comments provided by a number of people, including David Livingston, in response to the question.

Freakonomics» Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost? A Freakonomics Quorum 5/30/13 PM “Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?” an online essay by Joan Vernikos “Why Exploring the Ocean is Mankind’s Next Giant Leap” a commentary by Phillippe Cousteau “Living .

It is worth the cost! (in my opinion and a maximum of the people) I think we should continue space exploration because, it can lead up to new inventions in the technology category and we can discover new racecourses.

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