Interview a professor

For this assignment, choose one of your professors you would like to interview not Dr. Tell the professor you will need about minutes. Read over this list of questions and decide which ones you would like to ask you must ask at least 6 of these questions and at least 2 more follow-up questions that you think of during the interview. Take notes during the interview, summarizing the professor's answers to each question.

Interview a professor

As a matter of course, Neil gradually identified the scope for combining the two processes, cutting out the mold-making middle man, and ramping up rapid prototyping an end-use process.

The technology at the core of HSS development is laser sintering.

Interview with Professor Schmid - Department of English - University at Buffalo

When the bed is irradiated, the ink absorbs the energy from the infrared lamp and melts the underlying particles. I heated them up with a lamp. The current build volume is about the size of a typical house brick. As a demo 10 palm-sized each approximately 4 in long, 1.

Interview a professor a job of this scale and complexity, it takes Little Blue about 2 hours to complete the print. HSS will have bigger fish to fry in the future. Photo by Beau Jackson Plenty more fish still to come In order to retain this performance, the build chamber is subject to precise thermal stability across the entire build plate, which is the main challenge to scaling up the HSS process.

With development, HSS is intended to be faster than the competition. More inkjet 3D printers the world over As a technology with strong 2D foundations, many people in the industry believe that inkjet technology will be the future of 3D printing.

Keen to make the most of this opportunity, in a second business segment Xaar is also directing its efforts to supply inkjet 3D printheads to international OEMS. In addition, Xaar has been working with materials manufacturers, including BASF, and other interested parties to test the capabilities of their components.

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A jetting process that allows for the high throughput of viscous liquids, HLT will also be applied in Xaar HSS systems to get high strength parts and expand its materials portfolio.

Photo by Beau Jackson To be the first to hear more about recent developments at Xaar and other additive manufacturing companies, subscribe to the leading 3D Printing Industry newsletter. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.69sharesHigh Speed Sintering (HSS) is a method of end-use 3D printing production 20 years in the making.

Professor Neil Hopkinson invented and patented the technology at . Stacy Hubbard (Associate Chair) sat down with Associate Professor Steven Miller to find out more about his background, his teaching and his new book.

1 Answer. Work ethic and commitment for contribution to the existing body of knowledge. I teach by example and do not believe in teaching without engagement in the field on a professional level. If teachers are not engaged on this level, they will simply be . Good Interview Questions for Faculty n Tell us a little more about your professional experiences, particularly those not metioned on your resume/application.

n Why are you interested in leaving your current assignment and why do you feel that. Associate Chair, Stacy Hubbard, sat down with Associate Professor David Schmid to find out more about his background, his research and his teaching.

If you ask us, this interview went pretty purrrfect. Over the weekend, Polish professor Jerzy Targalski decided to participate in an interview with Dutch news program Nieuwsuur.

Interview a professor

While he was.

Interview Your Professor