Apes ecological footprint lab

Top 10 unbelievable historical concurrencies An ecological footprint is a gauge of how many resources you use.

Apes ecological footprint lab

You will use the ecological footprint calculator to evaluate your environmental footprint.

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Then, complete the second part at Household Emissions Calculator accessible through the Labs section of Contemporary Environmental Issues. That is, you will estimate savings of both carbon emissions and money that can be achieved via the solutions. In the study questions, reflect upon your results and relate them to themes covered in Contemporary Environmental Issues.

In order to complete this lab, download the Environmental Footprint Instructions. Answer the Lab Questions at the end of the document. Save it as a Word document and submit it.


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AP Environmental Science » Ecological Footprint

You might also be interested in Price.Lab 3– Population Dynamics, Ecological Footprint & Environmental Impacts The United States Census Bureau is a good resource for population data of the U.S. and the world. AP Environmental Science (lab) Credits Student will demonstrate an understanding of the current definition of sustainability by analyzing an ecological footprint, discussing the relationship of biodiversity to sustainability, evaluating global energy options, discussing the Green Revolution, discussing the relationship of population.

Unit #1- Introduction to APES Unit #7- Toxicology & Waste > UCSD- Urban Agriculture, Food Justice & Green Technology Homework: Ecological Footprint Assignment (computers) Friday: Review- Review of Chapter #1 (Botkin)- Summer Assignment Introduction to scrAPES/Notecards.

Apes ecological footprint lab

22 rows · Average U.S. emissions of CO2 per person is tons. How does yours compare? Why do you think yours is bigger or smaller than others? What are the biggest things you could do to reduce your carbon impact? This affects my footprint because like I said before that it takes to much to make these items.

3) How much trash do you generate? Overall, during the day, I can say I generate enough trash to fill up almost a full of a trash can a day.

3) Environmental History HW using the Lorax needs to be completed. All due on Mon 8/ All due on Mon 8/ 8/ Week 3 Homework: 1) Watch Mr. Andersen's Earth Science Video Tutorial and fill in the guide.

Lab Environmental Footprint