An analysis of handling and using explosives on extremely dangerous and cannot be taken lightly

Whereas the internal market is an area without internal frontiers in which the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital is ensured; 2. Whereas there are differences in the content and scope of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions in force in the Member States with regard to the safety and protection of health of persons and, where appropriate, domestic animals or property, where pressure equipment not covered by present Community legislation is concerned; whereas the certification and inspection procedures for such equipment differ from one Member State to another; whereas such disparities may well constitute barriers to trade within the Community; 3. Whereas the harmonization of national legislation is the only means of removing these barriers to free trade; whereas this objective cannot be achieved satisfactorily by the individual Member States; whereas this Directive only lays down indispensable requirements for the free circulation of the equipment to which it is applicable; 4.

An analysis of handling and using explosives on extremely dangerous and cannot be taken lightly

In these Regulations— "carcinogenic", "corrosive", "dangerous for the environment", "the environment", "explosive", "extremely flammable", "flammable", "highly flammable", "irritant", "oxidising", "preparations", and "substances" have the same meanings as in the Directive ofas amended by the Directive of ; "the Directive of " means Council Directive No.

An analysis of handling and using explosives on extremely dangerous and cannot be taken lightly

Pesticides to which these Regulations apply shall be classified as being or not being carcinogenic, corrosive, dangerous for the environment, explosive, extremely flammable, highly flammable, irritant, mutagenic, oxidising or teratogenic according to the degree of hazard and the specific nature of the relevant risks, in accordance with Article 4 of the Directive of as amended by the Directive ofon the basis of the information specified and the methods mentioned in Article 3 of the Directive of as amended by the Directive of The provisions of Regulations 8 and 9 are in addition to, and not in substitution for, the provisions of the European Communities Aerosol Dispensers Regulations, S.

Where a person proposes to import a pesticide to which these Regulations apply, notice of the intended importation shall be given in writing to the Minister by or on behalf of the importer specifying— a the brand name of the pesticide, b the port, airport or other place at which it is expected to land or otherwise bring into the State the pesticide, c the date on which the pesticide is expected to be so landed or otherwise brought into the State, d the number of packs which the relevant consignment comprises if it comprises more than onee the pack size given by reference to volume or weight of the consignment or, in case the consignment comprises more than one pack, the pack size so given of each such pack, and f the destination to which the pesticide is consigned or, in lieu thereof, an address at which the pesticide may be examined, sampled, tested or inspected pursuant to paragraph 1 of Regulation The Minister may from time to time make Regulations fixing a scale of fees to be paid in relation to the submission to the Minister of any dossier, declaration, proposal or other document required to be submitted by these Regulations.A viscous material for which a specific melting point cannot be determined must be subjected to the procedures specified in ASTM D “Standard Test Method for Determining Whether a Material is Liquid or Solid” (see § ).

Storage and Handling of Explosives JSP Edition 4 This chapter details the general practical conditions for storage and handling of explosives, UN Dangerous Goods Class 1, and is amplified by other chapters within this Serious Fault reporting action is to be taken in accordance with Chapter 27, or as directed by the PT for the.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Enforcement Programs and Services Federal Explosives Law and Regulations.

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This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website EUROPA; EU law and publications; EUR-Lex; EUR-Lex - SC - EN; Home. Official Journal. INTRODUCTORY GUIDE TO EXPLOSIVES, HANDLING AND DEVICES R. M.

An analysis of handling and using explosives on extremely dangerous and cannot be taken lightly

Zeek, Maj, USAF explosives or other dangerous articles by land, and (2) upon all shippers New explosives cannot be shipped until samples are approved by the.

Use and Handling of Explosives